Wi-Fi Camera Home Security Cameras

Wi-Fi Camera Home Security Cameras

This home security camera comes with a built-in HD lens with a wide-angle to provide you with 180-degree clear visibility to cover the maximum area possible. The IR LEDs that have it will enable you with visibility during the night time and in low light. It provides up to 5 meters of visibility, even in the less bright light.

The camera is configured with a both-way audio system to enable a real-time conversation between the two ends where you are watching videos recorded in it and where it is placed. This feature is beneficial in understanding whether anything wrong is happening there.

Moreover, it has a large storage space to support up to 128 GB. You can insert a microSD card. The plug type is a standard that is used in the EU, UK, AU, US. The camera type is FHD Panorama.

It uses P2P technology for remote access. You can access it through the mobile camera, desktop, laptop, tablets, and other internet and camera-enabled smart devices.

Wi-Fi Camera Home Security Cameras

It provides you all-round security at your home, workplace, kids, and for anything you feel security is needed. Since home, office, or kids are extremely valuable to you, arrange for the best security options available to provide optimal safety. The camera should be powerful enough to cover a long visibility range and can capture the videos in a low light environment.

This security camera offers you all the above mentioned so that you can keep a check on your home while you are on a holiday trip with your family or while you are on a business trip and your family is at home. It is a real necessity to ensure the 24 x 7 security of your home in a few clicks, whether you are at your workplace or on an overseas tour. And anytime, you can check your home environment. I will recommend everyone to install a CCTV camera at home for the sake of the safety of your home and family.

The Home Security Cameras Must Provide Clear Visuals

The cameras should be equipped with powerful lenses to provide clear visuals. Though you can install it at almost all the surfaces, you have to choose the position wisely so that it gets more coverage.

The camera head is movable and is smart enough to adapt any angle within the 180-degree range whenever required. Moreover, it is equipped with a 1080P FHD camera to capture the panoramic views. Apart from this, it is also configured with advanced H.264 double stream property to compress the video without damaging the picture quality and reducing the size.

Provides Security During Nighttime Too

A pair of IR LED bulbs provide crystal clear pictures even at night when the environmental light is low. And the audio system enables you to talk to your family members in case of any emergency.

The package consists of the following:

1 Wi-Fi camera, 1 type A Micro USB, 1 Power Adapter, one pack of mounting screws, one user manual containing the details about installation, features and maintenance, and the box.

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