What Are The Right Places To Install Home Security Cameras?

What Are The Right Places To Install Home Security Cameras?

These days there are several indoor and outdoor security camera options that you will never get over with. It is a handy possibility since homeowners can purchase them to ensure enhanced security on your home. You have to decide where you should install those cameras. And here I have given a complete solution for where you can place your home security cameras, and you need to position them in the right places. To let them function at their fullest, you need to apply the perfect strategies and install them at your home. Here I have given the best options and guide for you so you won’t have a problem installing your cameras.

What Are The Right Places To Install Home Security Cameras?

Best Places To Install Your Home Security Cameras

Everyone’s budget plan and home security plannings are different, and so are the designs of their properties. Hence, there is no one-size fit for minimum options, and you should consider all those options to identify the right places at your home to place a surveillance camera. Moreover, you will also have to identify the most vulnerable areas in your home where you need a security camera urgently.

Exterior (Front Door)

Some people think that intruders enter through side or back entrances of our house. But studies show that most of the burglars use our front door to barge in. Moreover, the front door is the places where thieves like to sneak a peak. Hence, a camera at your entryway will keep track of everybody who is coming out and going out of your house. 

Exterior (Back And Side Door)

People usually don’t keep a track who is coming and going out from their back and side doors. And to know who is going out and coming out of your house, you can keep a security camera at your secondary entryway. This will help you figure out who is going and coming into your home from your secondary entryway. This will be especially handy if any of your family members use the secondary entryway the most. Because that gives the intruders a chance to enter your house without your consent.

Garage And Driveway Home Security Cameras

A security camera at your garage or driveway helps you keep a watchful eye on your cars, bikes and other vehicles. It allows you to keep an eye on your bikes without even watching after them all day long.


Monitor your yards and look out for activities done by kids, animals, and trespassers. It also helps you keep an eye on your plants and other objects you keep outside of your house.

Common Areas Inside Of Your House

What Are The Right Places To Install Home Security Cameras?
What Are The Right Places To Install Home Security Cameras?

You can place home security cameras at familiar places inside of your house. Places like kitchen, where babysitter stays, children’s rooms, basement, etc. are the best places to mount a security camera. Similarly, avoid bathrooms! You can place a security camera inside your bedroom if that’s what you want.

So, by now I hope you got enough idea of where to keep a CCTV camera inside and outside of your house. Let us know if you have any doubts.

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