Top 3 Advantages of Installing Wireless Cameras for Home Security

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Wireless cameras are common nowadays especially in public places such as hospitals, offices, malls etc. However, with the increasing rate of crimes it has become significant to install CCTV cameras in your homes too. With wireless cameras, you can always monitor any movement in front of your house. 

It is also useful to just have wireless cameras for home security as the sheer presence of those cameras prohibits criminals to plan any attempt at your house. It is also very effective to use signs like “Security Cameras in Use” on your property. Therefore, it’s necessary to know about the various advantages of wireless cameras for your property’s security.

Monitoring of Wireless Cameras even at your Absence

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It can be tensed to be away from your home and not know what’s happening in the empty house. However, the alarm panel connected to the cameras always gives you updates on your phone. So, now you can monitor your home from anywhere.

In modern “DIY Smart home systems” the cameras are connected to the internet which allows you to monitor from PC, Tablets and smartphones etc. Anytime, you want to know what’s happening to soothe your nerves you can just open an app and start watching the live feed.

Wireless cameras also help to produce proof of an event of a crime. There is a 13.1% rate of unsolved burglary in the whole nation according to the FBI. Due to the lack of evidence, the perpetrators end up free. That’s why wireless cameras are so effective if unfortunately, a crime occurs, the evidence in the camera can catch the thieves right in the middle of their act.

Home Alarms and Intercepting Package Theft

With the current home alarm systems, the wireless cameras are balanced with the alarms to notify if something is wrong. The smart cameras at the entrance of your home give you HD footage while some wireless cameras have two-way audio. When someone comes to your door, the monitor sensor switches on the cameras. They start recording. 

You can also get SMS alerts to confirm if the person is someone known or unknown. With the two-way audio, you can also talk to the person at your door while watching them via your cameras. 

Sometimes, packages come at your address when no one is at home. So, they leave the packages at your doorstep and for anyone to steal it. Even with the cameras, the theft of the packages is still possible. But, the wireless cameras act as an effective deterrent to prevent the crime from happening sometimes.

Burglary Deterrent and Reducing the Cost of Insurance

Burglars do not want to be seen at any cost for a successful crime. That’s why they scout the neighbourhood and the house in particular to attempt their crime. But if they can see a set of wireless cameras outside your property, on the exterior, they never steal from your home. They cannot have any proof of their crime, so, wireless cameras act as a useful crime deterrent.

Home insurance is expensive. However, in any case of fire, burglary or vandalism, you can lay your claim by providing a lot of proof captured by the wireless cameras for home security.


Crime will happen, especially in recent times. But, that does not mean that the criminals can roam freely in our streets. For not only protecting our homes from theft but to protect the family inside the house from a much severe violation of the law, a system of wireless cameras is necessary.

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