Top 10 Modern Home Decor Tips For Living Rooms

modern home decor

The modern style house is in vogue nowadays. One of the trends today is home decoration. Almost everyone who renovates their house now wants a simple and just a minimalist house.

Our living room is one of the house’s parts where we spend most of our time, especially when you entertain your guests. THus, it must have a good design and beautiful modern home decor.

Here are some tips you can do to achieve your modern living room

A living room filled with furniture and vase on a table

1. Color your walls with neutral colors

If you choose what color to paint your walls, you can consider light or neutral colors like white, beige, and cream. A new trend in making your room better and more lightweight to the eyes is painting it with neutral colors, or nude tones. It will add to your living room to look more modern.

2. Choose 1-2 highlight paint

Choosing just two colors for your living room wall helps to save space. The color you should choose is a light color and a darker color of the same shade. If you are going for a beige color, associate a highlight paint with brown or a darker shade of nude. This will bring the main color more emphasis.

3. Put some accent pieces

Placing picture frames with paint in your living room will help make it look more modern. What you should choose is aerodynamic and has a silky look. You can add a single mirror on the side, or even some vintage vases if you like if you are going for a more vintage mood.

4. Choose right-angled couch/chair

The couch you should put in your living room should be a neutral color, should be placed under the rug. The angle of your chair should be proportional to space you placed it in. This will make your room look arranged and organized.

5. Coffee tables and end tables

Place end tables that are the same color as your couch. You can also put a simple coffee table with a glass top. The color should be associated with the couch so it can blend well with your room’s aesthetic.

6. Bookshelf

You can place a bookshelf in the corner of your living room to serve as modern home decor. You can include your collections, such as books and DVDs. You can also add some shelves that are floating on one side of your room’s wall.

7. Floor Lamp

Choose a thin floor lamp that you can put in the dark part of your living room. Avoid choosing bulky ones as it doesn’t fit a modern living room.

8. Piece of artwork

Invest in artwork that you can put in your living room because it is beautiful modern home decor.

9. Rug

To complement the modern look of your living room, put on a large square neutral-colored rug.

10. Candles and Vases

Candles and vases are also beautiful modern home decor as they add to illuminate your modern living room. You can put it at the end table and coffee table.

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