Siren Alarm System: A Home Kit For Security

Siren Alarm System: A Home Kit For Security

In the era of crimes, staying safe is a hard task. Having a secured house is the ultimate aim of any individual. A siren alarm system is a gadget that makes a loud noise. It helps to alert the owner of a break-in or an intruder. The use of siren alarms with advanced technology is a trend. However, the cost tends to seem higher than usual security systems. We see the apple list enabled accessories of the home kit shows us a no stand-alone activated siren alarm. However, there’s an alternative option. Using a few simple steps and objects, you can make a siren alarm. It is a simple home kit.

Choose A Siren Alarm

Siren Alarm System: A Home Kit For Security
Siren Alarm System: A Home Kit For Security

Siren Alarm can activate itself using a power supply. They usually work with the Eve Energy. You will find many products that are powerful in this field. Try picking one of your choices; make sure it is loud. Additionally, check if they can connect with home security installations. Choose the ones that do not damage the existing hardware placed at home. The DIY siren alarm kit proves to keep your home safer. The entire system comes in a package that includes cameras, sensors, and a loud blaring alarm. The alarm adds a traditional touch to the whole home kit. The siren can scare the intruders as well. 

Steps To Active Siren Alarm

To create a DIY siren alarm with a home kit, start with these basic instructions- 

  • Firstly, create a new scene under the option of scenes on your iPhone. Make sure you edit and add the option – alarm (it’s your personal choice).
  • Now, after adding your scene, move into setting automation. The automation is a rule that provokes the initiation of your siren alarm. 
  • The entire system alerts itself when a trigger proves detected. The trigger can start by eve door and window. Additionally, even the eve motion can cause alarm triggers.

How do you set up the eve motion and eve door and window?

Eve Motions For Siren Alarm

Siren Alarm System: A Home Kit For Security
Siren Alarm System: A Home Kit For Security

For Eve Door and Window

Open your home app and select the “automation” option; this will lead you to > “An accessory controlled” > “Eve Door and Window and Open”>. Follow this step to select your other choices of customization ( “people” > “When I’m not at home” > “Scene alarm” > “disable after five minutes” ) 

For Eve Motion

The eve motion starts with the same option as Eve Door and Window. Select “Automation” > “A sensor detects something” > “Eve Motion” >”Detects Movement”. You can also use this to detect smoke during a fire. It will start your siren as well as the siren alarm. Furthermore, after the detects movement, select “People: When I’m not home” >”Scene Alarm” > “Disable after five minutes.” 


When you use the Home app, you can also customize your time. The alarm duration is your choice. We see that this can help you from not being the annoying neighbor. Alternatively, you can opt for a personal alarm on your phone when you’re far away. The home kit inspired siren alarm is the best choice for enhanced security. Moreover, it’s a cheaper and more efficient way to have a safe home. You can fine-tune the entire DIY to your preference, unlike other purchased alarm sets. 

Thus, the home kit inspired siren for security is the only DIY you need!

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