In-Depth Ring Security Camera Review On All You Need To Know

Security has become a matter of great importance as we move towards a world with smarter technology and greater independence. We wish for the peace of mind as we enjoy our life and go about our work and responsibilities all through the day. Having a security camera is no more a matter of luxury, but a necessity for almost every person. And, Ring security camera is exactly the kind of thing you should be checking out right this instant. One of the best things about Ring is that they have a whole range of security cameras with varied features and technology. This also means that you get to take your pick based on your needs and budget. So, let’s check out the options and which one you should start considering for your home or office. 

Ring Security Camera Range 

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Now let’s first check out what options you have. The following are the different types of Ring security cameras available at present: 

  • Ring Stick Up Cam – It’s available in four different versions, namely, battery operated, wired, solar powered, and elite. 
  • Ring Spotlight Cam – This one comes in four variants, wired, battery operated, solar powered, and mount.  
  • Ring Floodlight Cam
  • Ring Indoor Cam

Now that you have a basic introduction to the lineup, let’s check what each one is capable of and how they differ from each other. For the sake of comparison, we will be taking up each feature and stack all the cameras against each other. 

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

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Unless you opt for the Ring indoor cam, each one is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. However, being an indoor only cam, the Ring Indoor Cam comes at a lot cheaper rate as compared to others. It’s the cheapest of the lot. 

Wireless Or Plugged In

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All the battery and solar powered ones are wireless cameras. Among the rest, leaving out the Ring Spotlight Cam Mount and the Ring Floodlight Cam, the rest are plugged in variants. The final two are hardwired. 

Video Quality 

One thing I loved about each of the cameras is that they all come with 1080p video recording quality. It doesn’t matter which one you go with, you will not see any compromise in the recording quality segment. And, that shows how much they are serious about the security. 

Infrared Capability

Each camera comes with infrared night vision capability that operates with extreme discretion. It is near impossible for anyone to notice that the camera is recording. And, that’s a great thing when you want your place monitored. The Spotlight and Floodlight range has color night vision, making them even better. 

Voice Features 

Each camera comes with two-way noise cancellation audio. So, not just security camera, they can even be used as baby cams. 


There is no local storage facility available. You get 60 days cloud storage with the Ring Protect plan. This is actually quite beneficial since now no one will be able to physically tamper with the recording. 

Smart Assistant And AI

Each camera is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. So you can control them with your smart devices. Additionally, the Stick Up Wired, Spotlight Wired, and Floodlight has person detection option included with the Ring Protect Plan. 

Privacy And Security

When it comes to security along with privacy, it is hard to beat the Ring Security Camera. The rage offers everything that a person might need from a security camera, and in addition, there are features like motion zones and privacy zones that make the cameras better in every sense. So, if you were planning on getting a security camera installed, Ring is among the best option there is.

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