How Long Does It Take To Install A DIY Security?

How Long Does It Take To Install A DIY Security?

The days are gone when you call the trained person at your home for the installation of home security systems. Now with the easy to do guide, you can do it by yourself and it is more widely accepted. DIY security systems are one among the quick and easy to install camera without any drilling or wiring. You can install a basic wireless security system in 25-30 minutes, and the system equipped with more sensors can take an hour or more. DIY security systems are reliable and more cost-effective than other cameras. It also doesn’t have an intensive installation process. You can also move the system wherever you want at your new home or place.

Here we will discuss steps for installing a DIY system. It will help you to understand all basic and good idea about what a DIY system installation is and how much time it requires. We will consider the camera with some more sensors in order to understand better. Some of the components are

How Long Does It Take To Install A DIY Security?
How Long Does It Take To Install A DIY Security?
  1. Control Panel (x1)
  2. Door/Window Sensors (x4)
  3. Motion Sensors (x3)
  4. Glass Break Sensors (x2)
  5. Smoke/Heat Sensors(x1)
  6. Light Modules (x2)
  7. Indoor Wireless Security Camera (x1)

Step One: Buy DIY Security System

First, you should buy a DIY security system as per your requirement and convenience. You can buy it offline and online. Many of these companies will parcel your courier on the same day or the next day with a little bit of courier cost. The standard (free) shipping time is about 2-5 days depending on your location. Always buy it for genuine source and after checking the reviews.

Step Two: Install The Control Panel

You should first Install the Control Panel to start and finish the DIY security system installation. These usually involve plugging the Control Panel into a power outlet, which is not switched controlled. With switch control system there are chances of accidentally switch off your security system. The Control Panel can be kept on the counter or table. You can also place it on the wall with a screwdriver and drilling holes.

Step Three: Place Sensors

The next step is to install sensors all around the home for completing the DIY security system installation. Each sensor duly comes with adhesive for easy “peels & place”. You can place the sensors on your doors, walls, ceiling, etc as per the instructions are given in the guide.

Step Four: Setting Of Wireless Camera

Setting up a wireless camera is easy and quick. You will have a computer and your router’s password for accessing the two. You have to plug cameras into the computer or router. Once you have done with all process, your camera will become wireless and will automatically run, now you can place it where you want.

How Long Does It Take To Install A DIY Security?
How Long Does It Take To Install A DIY Security?

Step Five: Call Security Company To Activate

The last step is to complete your DIY security system installation by calling the company for activating their system. They will test all sensors and activate for your regular run.

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