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One of the most popular living room decorating themes today is casual chic. These are popular living room ideas that have been added into in-depth information by some of the most famous interior designers and teams of professionals. The perfect country living room ideas from one of the decorating teams are brought to life through a fabulously colorful twist on traditional shabby chic. You can now enjoy these chic country living room ideas through shabby chic accessories, fabrics, and furniture. The end result is a warm and inviting space that gives your home a real touch of southern France.

If you are not sure how, to begin with, your shabby chic living room design, start with the wall tones. Choose soft floral accents that remind you of lavender or honeysuckle. Add accent pieces with an antique look such as old keys, empty bookcases, old rose paintings, or even quilts. Delicate accent pieces such as wind chimes, needlepoint frames, or needlepoint samplers add interest to walls without being too much. Accent colors like mauve, peach, and chocolate browns can blend in well with neutral tones for a very stylish look. Soft rugs on solid wood floors complete this look.

Room Ideas

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For an ultra-modern edge, try using bold colors. Light blue and turquoise paired with bold floral patterns are very fresh and energizing. Try using hot pinks, purples, greens, and oranges to compliment the bold colors. Add architectural elements such as scalloped edges, stainless steel appliances, and mirrors. This style will give you open living space. You can still have that traditional country feeling by keeping in place the accessories, furniture, and accents.

Create a scheme that is inspired by textures instead of colors. Use rich browns, tans, and earthy greens to pair with bolder colors, like reds and burgundy. The neutral palette will show through the pattern on the walls, furniture, and accessories. Pair cream wall colors with boldly patterned furnishings. You can keep the warm color palette subtle by choosing pale accessories and neutralizing the pattern with throw pillows.

Create an interior design palette that has a twist of color. You can use the same palette on the walls but change the furniture and decor to add more contrast. You can also change up the pattern on the floor to create an interesting effect. You can do this easily by changing up the carpeting. Add interesting fabrics, such as velvet, to accent furniture and use a bright contrasting paint or pattern.

A Much Ado 

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Create a modern scheme by incorporating unique pieces of furniture and artwork. If you are lucky enough to have a vintage sofa, you can easily take it and transform it into a lovely upholstered chair. Choose a modern upholstered bench that will fit in with your contemporary scheme. Find a great vase and fill it with fresh flowers. Add cushions and a throw pillow for that unique seating experience.

Make a scheme for the living room by focusing on the focal point. Many times people focus on the wrong thing. Television is often the focal point in a living room. If your plan is to have a television above your sofa then you need to choose another area. You can also choose an accent piece that ties the room together. Remember that you are trying to decorate and work within the space that you have so make sure that the focal point is the focal point in the scheme.

Bottom Line 

You can find furniture that goes with any of these living rooms. You want to consider your walls and flooring before choosing the furniture. You will want to choose colors that go with your color scheme so that the furniture you choose will go with the rest of your house.

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