DIY Home Decor – How To Create Your Own Handmade Art On Your Walls

diy home decor

There’s no excuse for not having what you need; there are simply too many great ideas that are just waiting to be explored. In fact, DIY home decorations really look better than most of what you can get in stores. Check out the following list of your top 50 most inexpensive DIY home decorating ideas.

Mason Jars

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Hang a few mason jars on your wall to bring some life back into your space and add a touch of whimsy to your DIY home decor. You’ll want to use paint as you choose for this project. You can spray paint them in bright or pastel colors to match your decor. Or if you’re feeling more bold, you might choose red paint and then simply hang them with a magnet.

Glass Paint

A glass vase on a table

Paint your glass jars and place them on a shelf or table to bring a bit more color and life into your space. For a very dramatic effect, you could hang a candle on each jar and place them in front of a mirror to reflect the light. Use your imagination. You can do a lot with glass jars and paint them differently than you would a ceramic tile.

And Wooden Accents

Rustic and wooden accents are the perfect touch to help bring your DIY decorating theme together. You can go with a few simple painted throw rugs to pull the look together. For a more rustic look, consider a wide chenille lace rug that matches your current decor beautifully. Use the same paint and glue wooden buttons to make small rustic pillows for your living room. Knot a few lace pillows together to make a throw that will instantly add charm to your living room.

Hanging Apron

If you have lots of wall space, you might consider hanging an apron from your doorway and use it as your hanging rack for all your DIY decor items. Then, take a few leftover Christmas ornaments from last year and frame them using needlepoint fabric. Then, hang your apron over the top of your hooks and drape the fabric over the frame. This is a classic idea that will give your home a warm, country charm.

Birdhouse Decoration

In addition to the apron, you could also hang a few birdhouse decorations from your hooks along the hallway. These could make wonderful keepsakes for yourself or a loved one once they are finished. DIY crafts such as these make great gifts. You can even make the crafts for your children and give them something to pass on to their kids. Kids love anything and everything that is made by their own parents and this will be a gift that they can keep long after you are gone.


For a twist on traditional wooden chess sets, consider decorating them with whimsical bits of twine. You could make these by purchasing long lengths of twine at a craft store or by finding wooden chess sets online and painting them yourself. The twine can be left in place so that the boards stay looking old and rustic. Then, simply hang them on the wall and use the twine as you would any other thread for hanging your DIY home decor items.

Wrapping Up

You can also paint your wooden board itself. Look around your house for old wooden boards that you could paint. Then, once you have the paint on them, simply peel off the paint and put the board back together. Using washi tape, glue the pieces of wood together in the same way that you attached the washi tape to your photo. It will look like you added another piece of art to your wall!

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