Costco Security Cameras – The Features You Can Expect From These Cameras

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Costco is a store that has supermarket items and typically has about 4000 different things at any given time. Security cameras being one of them. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about the Costco Security Cameras and things that you should learn before the purchase. 

Security Camera

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4K Active Deterrence 2TB security system is a bright solution for your home or office and is available at Costco stores. It provides superior definition and detail. It also has clear day and night visual capacity because of its Color Night Vision. It helps to add clarity and quality to nighttime videos. In the limited light, you can rely on the IR night vision advantage of the cameras. They capture up to 135 ft. It has an additional option of face or person or vehicle detection – this helps you get detailed and only valuable information.

There is also the Smart Search technology that helps search through the recorded videos quickly and conveniently. Other features include activated LED warning light and remote triggered siren. The 2TB hard drive gives you ample storage for your videos and so no monthly fees. It is a perfect security system to help you stay connected and monitor what is important to you. The package consists of ten Active Deterrence cameras, one DVR with pre-installed 2TB HDD, 10 In-Wall cables, ten Mounting kits, one mouse, three 4-in-1 camera power supplies, quick start guides, and one each – HDMI cable, DVR power adapter, and ethernet cable.

Costco Security Cameras – Advantages 

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The advantages of Costco security cameras are many. For example, they hinder crime. It scares away anyone who has ill motives. Therefore, security cameras are an impressive solution for areas where there is a high crime rate and thus, keep homes and offices there safe. The cameras cover a wider and larger place at the same time in a 4K resolution video. The private storage for your videos minuses the fees required otherwise. Added advantages are that you can connect the system to your compatible Smart Home devices and enjoy the benefits hands-free; also, you can stream the live footage or view recordings through the app on your phone. You can also receive notifications on your phone to ensure that you are not left in the dark. It is made for both indoor and outdoor use and has a warranty of one year. 

Costco Security Cameras – Disadvantages

The price is not outrageous for the products, but they may seem a little on the higher end, especially when compared to its competitors. The vast array of options is an advantage, for sure, but for some, it can become a disadvantage because of not knowing which products to choose. It can become confusing. 


The Costco security cameras are a perfect choice when looking to cover an entire home or business with high-end, powerful cameras. They also provide a lot of options to choose from – even from two-way talk to temperature sensors. Some models even dispense two-way communication allowing you to talk and listen to whoever’s at the other end.   

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