Buy Reliable Alarm Home Security System

Buy Reliable Alarm Home Security System

Home security is a concern for everyone out there. Whether to secure your home valuables or for child protection – a reliable home security system is need of an hour. You can’t put anything at risk leaving it on a possibility. So, investing in a good security system for your home is really a great decision. It is an era of smart gadgets same innovation can be witnessed in the security system for personal purposes as well. Here we present to you one such highly functional smart device for securing your house. Let’s know all about it.

Siren Alarm Home Security System Features

Buy Reliable Alarm Home Security System
Buy Reliable Alarm Home Security System

You no more need to fret about how to protect your home. This smart home alarm system will keep your house and your loved ones completely safe from any danger. The security system can trigger the door sensor, PIR sensor, and even gas sensor. You can plug this device into your console or keypad. Thus, if any suspected event occurs, it will respond to signals from an alerted keyboard or console. The home security system features a 110Db squealing alarm sound. As a result, it will instantly scare away the housebreaker out of your home. 

Product Specs

  • Connector: 0.9m
  • Alarm Size: diameter: 54 mm, height: 48 mm
  • Alarm Weight: 61g

How Can This Alarm System Help You?

Buy Reliable Alarm Home Security System
Buy Reliable Alarm Home Security System

These days people prefer to build smart homes to get a more comfortable living. This product is one such device. You don’t need a CCTV camera when you get this gadget. Also, you don’t keep an eye anymore on the TV throughout the day. Obviously, you can’t be cautious every time to catch who is roaming around your house without a need. There is a chance of missing out on some improbable activities. So, it is ideal to buy this product. By installing this alarm system at your doorstep, you can sleep or work with an assurance that if any unwanted situation arises, you will get notified immediately. The alarm will not take even a minute to signal you when someone breaks out at your premises. You can also use it at your workplace too. The system will work similarly as at home.

The alarm has a working voltage of 12 DC with output power 15 W. Also, the frequency of this alarm is 433 MHz. Thus, it’s also an energy-efficient security system to use for your home. It won’t consume much power, and you don’t need to worry about big energy bills. Thus, it is a one-stop solution for all your safety demands.

Better Home Security System For Your Kids

Every parent wants to keep their kids safe and sound. But work requirements and daily chores a lot of times make us leave them on their own. Yet it does not mean you can’t do anything regarding this. Hence, if you are looking for a safety gadget for the sake of your kids, look nowhere beyond. You can leave your children secure when you get this security system at home. It is a perfect product to install and make your kids safe.

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