A Review of the Night Owl Security System

night owl security system

View 3MP resolution digital video footage which displays live on your smartphone through the Night Owl digital video security system. Night Owl digital video security cameras have their own proprietary wireless networks and provide up to 300 feet of infrared range. Choose from wired or wireless and view the footage instantly on your phone.

Surveillance Equipment

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When night falls, so does the need for effective surveillance. With a small investment you can protect your home, property and loved ones from intruders with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. The Night Owl brand offers a wide range of features and accessories to suit your specific needs, no matter what type of camera you require. The Night Owl cameras are not set up to broadcast to neighbors so the only way you will know about your surveillance is if you have an image quality camera screen hooked to your television.

You can also use the included Night Owl cameras to monitor your kids as they play outside or while doing chores around the house. If you need remote access to the system, the included Wi-Fi accessory for your smart devices lets you control the camera from anywhere. An easy to follow video tutorials provided by the makers of this security system provide step by step instructions for installation and operation of the Night Owl cameras.

Free Customer Support

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The manufacturer of the Night Owl brand also provides free customer support for any queries related to their cameras and their Night Owl Digital Video Security System. You can get important information about their cameras, subscriber benefits and even their monthly subscription prices. When you purchase the Night Owl camera systems, you also get a free download copy of the installation guide for no extra charge. With the help of the included Night Owl Customer Support, you can easily install and configure your cameras. The customer support provided is very helpful and knowledgeable and they will guide you through the entire process.

Vast Array Of Features

The Night Owl DVR has a vast array of features, which is why it is becoming a popular choice for home owners who want to have complete peace of mind regarding their homes’ security. The device records images continuously, which can be viewed later on through its interface. This feature helps you view your footage in real time, so you won’t miss anything that’s happening. The comprehensive recording feature of the Night Owl DVR includes live feeds, which will let you check what is happening live. You can even pause and record anything that you want to view later on.

The best part about the Night Owl DVR is that it comes with two primary cameras and one optional “night vision” camera. The two primary cameras of the system to offer complete coverage, allowing you to see all areas of your home or business premises, as well as surrounding areas. The optional night vision camera is used primarily for heightened security purposes. It allows you to view images in black and white or in full color, depending on your preferences.


Another important feature of the Night Owl DVR is its customer support, which is offered by a hotline. If there are any problems with your system or you need any other assistance, you will be able to contact customer support easily through the phone. Furthermore, the hotline offers you the opportunity to speak to live agents, which greatly enhances your chances of catching a suspect in the act. Overall, the Night Owl DVR is a great choice for anyone who wants to deter criminals with their night vision security cameras.

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